Stomach and Digestive Health.


Stomach Ease™

Nature’s Harmony® Stomach Ease™ is a herbal formula that acts as a gentle laxative to ease intestinal discomfort and bring safe relief from constipation. Only 100% natural ingredients are used in this formula.

Recommended use: For a laxative effect.

Recommendations: Take 2 tablets daily at bedtime. Promtoes bowel movement in six to twelve hours. Do not use for more than a week at a time unless advised by a health care practitioner. 

Product code: 400484/400486


Herbal Diuretic

Nature’s Harmony® Herbal Diuretic is a traditional herbal combination derived from natural sources that helps to reduce water retention.

Recommended use: A traditional herbal medicine to promote excretion of water.

Recommendations: Take 3 capsules once a day. May be used for up to four weeks. 

Product code: 400340/400342